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Last Updated 9/29/2017

On this page we list a number of other sites that may be of interest or benefit to you and your not for profit group. You may want to Bookmark this page now so you can refer back to it for your resource needs.

WeCareToo does not endorse any of these sites nor their content. Please send us an e-mail at info@wecaretoo.com with your comments or if you find a link that does not work.

Generally, the sites provide free information or services to the not for profit community. A "commercial" site may be listed. If so, it is because of the value it provides to not for profit groups in relation to any fee it may charge for its service.

We visit each site before it is listed. They are not listed just for the sake of making a list.

We would welcome your suggestions for other sites to include. To do so, complete our online submission form found at:

Resource Suggestion

Or send an e-mail to resource@wecaretoo.com. The subject should be "Resource Suggestion" and the message should follow this format:

URL to add

Following is an INDEX for the resources listed. Beginning with this update, new additions will be listed at the top of each section and highighted as "New" for thirty days from being added. Click on the subject you are interested in to jump to that point in the list. You may use the arrows on the left side of the screen to jump back to the INDEX.


Education & Financial Assistance

Employment Opportunities Free Web Pages or Listings at These Sites

Free or Low Cost Web Site Hosting at These Sites

Fundraising and Grants

General Non-profit Information

Government Services

Online Donor Contributions

Search Engine Registration

Special Interest Sites Technology and Internet Services Volunteers -- Need One or Want To Be One

Fun and Other Miscellaneous Stuff


Education & Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid
    • Elis Hattemer provided this link to assist those in search of college financial aid The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017 that offers a broad range of information and added sources for those in search of fianancial aid.

    • MoneyGeek.com provides information and resources for finding college financial aid including FAFSA, scholarships and more

    • Fire and Forestry Scholarships and Financial Aid Guidebook offers resources for those interested in pursuing an education and career in fire and forestry science. Some of the highlights from this guide include:
      • Fire science scholarships
      • Where to find grants and loans
      • Benefits of pursuing degrees in fire science

  • General Information
    • Celina Chapman provded this link Discover Business Degree and College Resources that features an updated listing of business schools across the country as well other guides and resources that would be useful to a prospective business school student.

    • Morgan Casey of BestColleges.com has sent a link to their current publication ranking the Best Online Master's in Reading & Literacy Programs for your review and consideration.

    • Social Work Degrees - Jessica Klein offers this site which provides in-depth information on more than 800 social work programs at the graduate and undergraduate level throughout the US.

    • Paralegal Certification Scoop is a free resource for those wishing to enter the legal field as a paralegal or legal assistant.

      Christina Wilson invites you to visit MoneySavingPro's hub for information guides and advice for students and their families.

    • Austin Anderson of aRealOnlineDegree has provided this link to their resource for students with disabilities which offers a broad range of information - http://arealonlinedegree.com/college-resources/resources-students-disabilities/

  • School Finder
    • Best Universities Online is dedicated to providing the best content for those who are searching for an online education. They also list a database of schools to choose from.


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