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Last Updated 8/06/2017

On this page we list a number of other sites that may be of interest or benefit to you and your not for profit group. You may want to Bookmark this page now so you can refer back to it for your resource needs.

WeCareToo does not endorse any of these sites nor their content. Please send us an e-mail at info@wecaretoo.com with your comments or if you find a link that does not work.

Generally, the sites provide free information or services to the not for profit community. A "commercial" site may be listed. If so, it is because of the value it provides to not for profit groups in relation to any fee it may charge for its service.

We visit each site before it is listed. They are not listed just for the sake of making a list.

We would welcome your suggestions for other sites to include. To do so, send an e-mail to info@wecaretoo.com. The subject should be "Resource Link" and the message should follow this format:
URL to add:

Click on the subject you are interested in to jump to that point in the list. You may use the arrows on the left side of the screen to jump back to the INDEX.



Education & Employment Opportunities

DeepSweep.com is a free nonprofit job board. DeepSweep includes job postings from all walks of the nonprofit sector. Positions advertised include entry-level vacancies and career opportunities for seasoned, nonprofit staff, as well as senior-level executives.

Best Universities Online is dedicated to providing the best content for those who are searching for an online education. They also list a database of schools to choose from.

JobHero offers has a lot of great career-related information including help with writing resumes and cover letters, salary negotiation and aid to veterans in finding employment.

Fire and Forestry Scholarships and Financial Aid Guidebook offers resources for those interested in pursuing an education and career in fire and forestry science. Some of the highlights from this guide include:
  • Fire science scholarships
  • Where to find grants and loans
  • Benefits of pursuing degrees in fire science
Celina Chapman provded this link Discover Business Degree and College Resources that features an updated listing of business schools across the country as well other guides and resources that would be useful to a prospective business school student.

Social Work Guide - Laura McPherson believes this guide can help students and continuing learners develop their careers in the social services field with information on degrees, profiles of schools, career advice articles, and state-by-state guides to licensure. We also provide simple to use resources for recent and approaching graduates, such as our jobs board that displays new openings every day

Social Work Degrees - Jessica Klein offers this site which provides in-depth information on more than 800 social work programs at the graduate and undergraduate level throughout the US.

Paralegal Certification Scoop is a free resource for those wishing to enter the legal field as a paralegal or legal assistant.

Christina Wilson invites you to visit MoneySavingPro's hub for information guides and advice for students and their families.

Austin Anderson of aRealOnlineDegree has provided this link to their resource for students with disabilities which offers a broad range of information - http://arealonlinedegree.com/college-resources/resources-students-disabilities/

Morgan Casey of BestColleges.com has sent a link to their current publication ranking the Best Online Master's in Reading & Literacy Programs for your review and consideration

Interested in a career in health care? These sites offer information, listings and more.

Listed Prior To 1/01/2016

  • US News report on health care career opportunities
  • WhyBecomeANurse.Com offers a site were aspiring nurses can find information on what it takes to become a nurse in every state within the United States. They also outline top nursing schools for each state as well.
  • CNA Classes is a recently re-launched site with the goal of being the most comprehensive resource for anyone interested in obtaining a CNA Certification and exploring entry-level medical careers. Visitors to the site benefit from informative videos, expert interviews, and comprehensive testing resources.
  • CNA Training Classes offers free training materials, practice tests and videos for nursing assistant students who want to pursue CNA career and get some additional free training materials while they are preparing for their certification exam.
  • Top CNA Classes was specifically developed to assist nurse aide students to gain complete knowledge on CNA Training, free classes, certification, jobs, exam and nurse aide salary. In addition, you are also offered an option to search your locally based school by entering your zip code for completing your training programs.
  • Top Medical Assistant Schools is devoted to helping students learn more about a career as a medical assistant.
  • FindMyLPNPrograms.com is a social media focused website, but it is much more than that. It has NCLEX practice tests, video galleries and the actual contact info for every practical nursing school in the nation.
  • Learn what is a medical assistant at eMedicalAssistants.com a site that helps students who want to pursue medical assisting career. Authored by healthcare providers who have years of experience behind them, the site mainly provides information on medical assisting jobs , career, training programs, certification, and also the best schools across the nation.
  • Hospital Jobs Inc offers a free US interactive "nearest hospital search" clickable map with directions along with a healthcare related job board
  • Online Medical Assistants Programs offers information and links to more data on the highest paying healthcare jobs by degree level and much more
  • RN to BSN Online Programs is dedicated to helping students learn more about a career in nursing

Listed After 1/01/2016

  • CRNA Schools Today states it is the most comprehensive CRNA resource on the web with a comprehensive national directory where candidates can research state specific information and local requirements for CRNA licensure and certification
  • www.NursingSchool411.com is a free A-Z guide on exploring nursing as a career
  • CNA Classes Online focuses on helping readers find online CNA classes as a cheaper and more convenient form of training
  • Nursing Degree Guide is a comprehensive search engine designed for students who are interested in learning more about Nursing programs around the country
  • The Center for Online Education created an online RN to BSN degree guide, which includes key information for students deciding if a bachelor's degree in nursing is right for them.
  • Geriatric Nursing Schools & Resources is dedicated to people who are interested in finding nursing schools for geriatric nursing programs
  • Emma & Jack offer NursingSchoolsNearMe.com, a website helping students and experienced nurses.
  • Barry Franklin owns and manages NursePractitionerSchools.com, an online resource for students interested in NP programs. The site provides varied information and guides that may be of interest.
  • Jacob Phillips of My Medical Assisting Degree offers Medical Assisting Resources as a source of information for those interested in a career as a medical assistant.
  • Ameet J. Arurkar has provided this resource link for those interested in a CNA career. CNAClassesNearYou.com offers free information on genuine, affordable, State board approved CNA Classes to prospective students interested in pursuing a Nursing career as well state-based CNA requirements, certification and exams information.
  • Go LPN Online teaches students how they can empower their future as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Think CNA Online is a trusted online resource for providing training and career information to Certified Nursing Assistants.
  • Charles Sipe has shared this site with us as a source of information on nursing careers, guides and a review of hospitals- Nurse.org
  • Jillian Fell has created this site to help those interested in CNA career. Take a look at all she has to offer at CNA Free Training
  • Here is another comprehensive source of information for those interested in a career in nursing - CNA Ceritification Scoop
  • Margaret Jones invites you to visit Top Nursing for a platform that offers detailed information about LPN. She says it's a one-stop solution for all the queries related to this profession.
  • Thanks to Louisa we are sharing Nursing Education Resource Guide created by SmartScholar.
  • Steph Marlin has provided the follwoing links offering more information for those interested in a career in health care:
  • Sally Worthington of RegisteredNursing.org has provided this link to their site and the information it provides in keeping with their goal to promote excellence in nursing and advance the nursing profession.
  • Our thanks to Tong for offering this link to Health Career Exporer for those interested in a career as an Ultrasound Technician.

Free Web Pages or Listings

These sites offer free web pages or listings to not for profit groups. Please understand this is not the same as hosting a web site. Rather, the service offered by these sites is a way to get exposure while you develop a web site of your own or to increase your organization's web exposure if you already have a web site.

These sites may also provide other services and/or links to other sources of useful information to the not for profit community.
    WeCareToo This is our site. We offer a free web page to not for profit organizations. The page includes all contact information, links to the organization's e-mail and own web site (if they have these features) and a 400-500 word message about the organization and its activities. In addition, our site provides a free search engine registration form and various fund raising programs that may be of interest to a non-profit group and its supporters.

    Idealist offers free listing pages on their site and provides links to a number of other resources for the NPO community. The listings are on separate web pages similar to what is offered on our site. They are also know as The Idealist.

    Charity Village is a Canadian based site. They offer listings on their site. The listings are short and are not on a separate page for each group. They will provide a link to your own web site, if you have one. They also have links to a large assortment of other sites and resources.

    GuideStar offers free listings. They are on separate pages for each group and can include general information about your organization. They do not provide links to your own web site and e-mail. They do have a feature by which you can provide financial information about your group and indicate your status in terms of being able to receive tax deductible contributions.

Free or Low Cost Web Site Hosting at These Sites

While the above sites provide you with a free listing on their directory, this does not take the place of having a web site of your own. Following are places to go to learn more about free and / or low cost hosting of a complete web site for your organization. Some of these will require that you allow the service provider to run ads on the pages your visitors will view when visiting your site. You need to evaluate what is within your group's budget and best meets your needs. CheapWebHostingNet offers a comprehensive, non-commercial guide on hosting. You may want to check them out before selecting a hosting site.

  • WeCareToo is hosted by WebHostingPad.com. They are an award winning hosting service and offer low cost hosting services together with email capability and tools for building your own web site. The cost is a little as $4.95 per month for a huge amount of space. Use this link to visit WebHostingPad. Enter coupon code "wecaretoo" and get a $5.00 discount when you sign up.
  • Dream Host.They provide free hosting for 501(c)(3) organizations. Their free service is only available to U.S. based 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Angelfire (Affiliated with Lycos). This sites and ones similar to it are examples of providers that will give you a web site in return for having their ads appear on your pages.
  • The following sites offer listings of a number of other service providers that offer free and / or low cost hosting to not for profit organizations. Some of their listings may be better suited to your needs and worth looking into.

Sources of General Information for Non-profits

The following sites offer general information, links to other resources and some tools that may be useful to your organization.

    Charity Channel provides general information, various "forums" for sharing information, a way to share documents with others, a listing of not for profit consultants, job posting in the NPO sector and links to "VolunteerMatch" where you can find volunteers or offer your volunteer support.

    Independent Sector is a site for a membership organization of foundations, nonprofit groups and corporate giving programs to support philanthropy, volunteering and citizen action. They provide information about these activities via their site.

    National Center For Nonprofit Boards states they are the only nonprofit organization dedicated to building stronger nonprofit boards and stronger nonprofit organizations. In addition to publishing booklets, videos and audiotapes they also sponsor workshops and use their web site in other ways to strengthen the boards of nongovernmental organizations throughout the world.

    Techportal is a resource site put together by a group called TeamTech working with the Northern California Council for the Community. The site provides information and links to a number of other sites that may be of interest to your organization. It is searchable by category, location and key word. They have a lot to offer and are working to add even more.

    Ventureneer is an online peer learning service which offers online learning tools, including interactive classes, free web events, blogs and articles, to support nonprofits, social enterprises, and small businesses so that leaders are able to make better strategic decisions for these organizations.

    m/Oppenheim Associates provides executive recruiting for nonprofits to serve leaders and boards driven to make the world a better place.

Fundraising and Grants

These sites provide information relating to general fund raising and grants. They also include other information of interest to the NPO community and links to even more sites that may contain further information of benefit to your group.

  • Crowdrise.com offers internet fundraising pages. Create your compelling project pages and share them with your friends to raise funds online.

  • Donation Toolbar is a non profit website to support donation activities through the use of an installable browser toolbar. The toolbar contains click to donate links, leading donation websites and RSS news feed related to donations.

  • Fundsnet offers a lot of information. We particularly like this alphabetic listing section of their site that helps you navigate to the geographic or subject listing that may be of most interest.

  • TGIC-the grantsmanship center offers a free magazine to the staff of nonprofit organizations or government agencies and online access to recent articles. The material covers fundraising, grant seeking and related areas. They also offer training workshops in grantsmanship, proposal writing and fundraising.

  • The Foundation Center map page provides you a large amount of information about what they offer and will help you move around their site to find what you need to possibly help you in your fund raising activities.

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy site offers a variety of information. Topics include Gifts & Grants, Fund Raising, Managing Non-Profit Groups and Technology. A lot of what they offer is free, but you will need to become a subscriber to gain access to all they offer.

These sites offer specific fund raising programs that may be of interest to your organization. They may be affiliated with a commercial enterprise. We list them for your consideration without making any endorsement of them.

  • Driven Coffee Fundraising helps hundreds of schools,churches, sports teams, non-profits & other organizations raise money to achieve their goals

  • GlobalFingerprints partners with national churches around the world to send children to school and help care for their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Register With Search Engines

Once you have a web site (or a dedicated page on another web site such as WeCareToo) you need to register with at least the major Internet search tools. This is the way to help people "surfing" the world wide web find you. The best way to do this is by going to each search site and completing its submission information. An alternative is to at least register with the major sites using a submission service.

Special Interest

Animal Related

College Financial Assistance

  • MoneyGeek.com provides information and resources for finding college financial aid including FAFSA, scholarships and more

Health & Human Services

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