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Mutanda Logo #1

Mutanda Christian Life Students

P.O BOX 72, Kisoro
Kampala 51002

Phone # - +256782107677

eMail - benlifen@gmail.com or benedictgabiro@yahoo.com


Mutanda Christian Life Students is found in Kisoro district, South Western Uganda and is approximately 500 km away from Kampala the Capital City of Uganda. Kisoro town is accessible by both road transport and air transport. It is found in the Western arm of the East African rift valley and therefore it is mountainous, with porous soils, soil erosion and other associated problems. Most of the areas are difficult to reach with motorcars and sometimes motorcycles.The only reliable option is by foot.

Kisoro District boarders the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the West, Rwanda in the South, Rukungiri and Kanungu in the East and Rubanda in the North.

The youth in Kisoro District compose the highest percentage of the population and are almost 3/4 of the total population of Kisoro. Despite this great percentage of the total population, their vulnerability is very high and majority lack the knowledge and skills to utilize their potential, not only to develop themselves but also the community at large.

The district was affected by both internal and external instabilities of Uganda's history. As a result, most families were hit by famine, and other homes were headed by helpless orphans and widows. These vulnerable family heads were practically unable to upbring these unstable families, especially in terms of provision of basics of life like food, shelter, clean water, clothing, medical care and education. A big number of children resorted to working as houseboys, shepherds and herdsboys, whereas most ladies resorted to early marriages. The families failed to get paying jobs, and could grow some few crops on subsistance basis, using traditional methods of farming, rendering to extremely low yields. Illiteracy levels were also at the peak! Most families were unable to manage tuition, feeding and school uniform.

It is against this background that we were prompted to form this charitable project, Mutanda Christian Life Students and its associated institution, Christian Life Pre and Primary School.

Mutanda Christian Life Students is a non-profit organization. Set up in the remote part of Uganda, we assist students from impoverished family backgrounds access basic attitudes, skills, knowledge and values for a fruitful generation. This is done through routine Bible Studies, free Bible Studies based on Biblically sound Christian doctrines, knitting lessons, typing with typewriters, carpentry and joinery and other similar vocations.

The project also maintains a study center for children from Nursery up to upper Primary classes. The school is Christian Life Pre and Primary School.

At Christian Life Pre and Primary School, we are committed to bringing development to the people of Kisoro district and Uganda as a whole. The children are fed nutritious breakfast and lunchtime meals, making them energetic and ready to learn.


The vision of Christian Life Pre and Primary School is to build a school that is a centre of academic Excellency and Godly instruction in the area where we work, and to be a blessing to our community.


To be a safe, Christ centered learning environment that nurtures each child through development of their God given gifts, talents and abilities on a foundation that is built upon the Lord in home, Church and School.

At Christian Life Pre and Primary School, our aspirations are high, and we attain levels of achievement often beyond what is expected.


The Future Begins Here


We are currently in partnership with Kids for Peace, Kanyanya and are glad to access the useful programs such as Agrokids for growing vegetables and fruits that are targeted to improving the nutritional requirements of the kids. Our kids are growing crops such as tomatoes, cabbages, spinach, passion fruits, squash- to mention but few, that we bet will improve nutrition, and boost our socio- economic status when we sell the crops.


We are pleased to start up the following programs:

  • Knitting program
  • Teaching the typewriter to pupils
  • Carpentry and joinery program
  • Photo studio where we take photos and earn the school some income
  • Partnership with Kids for Peace Kanyanya, to improve the nutritional values by introducing the
  • Agrokids program.
Here are some pictures:

Kids during the knitting lesson


Children during the typewriter lesson


One of the kids practicing writing as fun


Agrokids nursery bed for nutritional crops

Carpentry and Joinery

Carpentry and joinery program


Christian Life Pre and Primary School FC


We plan to put up new strong buildings, as the available ones were hurriedly constructed to meet the educational needs of the students .

This dire need prompted us to construct makeshift shelters and gradually developed to brick classrooms, and hitherto we are progressing with strong classrooms. With God Everything is Possible.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

Send Mutanda Christian Life Students an email.

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