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International Prolife Federation
c/o National Black Wall Street Chicago

4655 South King Drive, Suite #203
Chicago, Illinois 60653

Office Phone # (773) 268-6900

Ms. Ernestine Gwendolyn Standberry, President can be reached via email at - estandberry44@gmail.com
via Cell at 312-383-0921


Our Motto Is

"Be willing to GIVE when others take, to LOVE when others hate, to HELP when others abuse!"

The International Prolife Federation (hereinafter referred to as "IPF") was founded on September 23, 2003 by a group of concerned prolifers on the web (Yahoo and MSN prolife groups) and in Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, Nevada; Glendale, Arizona; New South Wales, Australia; Kaduna, Nigeria; Puerto Rico; and China, whose goal is to protect human life. IPF is a national and international non-violent, political, charitable, humanitarian and educational organization irrespective of religion, sex, age, culture or race with headquarters in Chicago, IL and international headquarters in New South Wales, Australia! IPF was also founded to offset the abortion practices of the International Planned Parenthood Federation and to coordinate global protests, on chosen dates, to increase effectiveness and awareness of the prolife movement's efforts to end fetal homicide.

IPF offers hotline services and alternatives to abortion with links and affiliation with other prolife organizations nationally and internationally for counseling and free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Our services also include adoption referrals, housing and financial assistance, if necessary, and maternity home referrals, prolife news, and educational information (including the importance of childbearing along with individual achievement). PLEASE NOTE that this organization is not limited to females but includes promoting a quality life for men AND, boys and girls of all ages, races, cultures and religions.) However, at this time our primary focus is to discourage abortions and to promote life!

Come join us week nights starting at 9:15 p.m. Central Time Mondays through Fridays on our Conference Line! The number is 1-605-475-6777 then press 77 and the # sign to enter IPF's conferences. Anyone can lead the conferences! Just sign in promptly and have a specific focus for the night! We need to stay motivated, informed, politically active and encouraged. Also, please pass on this information about our conference line. Use it freely and organize! We want you to become a member or affiliate member to help end the atrocity of the unborn! We need your support! Please email us accepting this invitation to become an active member with your contact information for our files...i.e., your name, address, city and state and country, your phone number (optional), your email address, and how you want to help in this organization.

PLEASE NOTE, THE INTERNATIONAL PROLIFE FEDERATION IS A 501(c)4 political organization. We get ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT! We WANT DONATIONS!!! ALL TYPES, MONEY, BUILDING or BUILDINGS, CARS, COMPUTERS, etc. (Please specifically note that there is no tax exemption donating to a 50l(c)4 (political) organization.) Our Communications Department, however, require some form of donation for IPF Shows on CAN-TV. As an incentive for Television promotions, I, Ernestine Gwendolyn Standberry, am a GOOGLE PARTNER. If you want your show on YOUTUBE just request this additional service. WE ARE PEOPLE ORIENTED AND COMMITTED TO MAKING A POSITIVE CHANGE!!!

Ernestine G. Standberry
(The Booker's Campaign In Re Our Deceased Member Booker Vaugh)
Founder and President
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Stephen Gilmore Wilson
Founder and Vice-President
New South Wales, Australia
Augustine B. Emuwa
National and International Director
Chicago, IL U.S.A and Kaduna, Nigeria
Khallee Standberry-Lewis
Founder and National and International Youth Counselor
Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S.A.
Mr. Reginald Murray, Phd
Volunteer Clinical Therapist
Indianapolis, IN U.S.A.
Syed Abrar, Jamil Ahmed and Bupinder Singh
National and International Directors
Chicago, IL U.S.A. and India
Lily Lee
International Director
Hong Kong, China and U.S.A
Essel Oswalde Nyarko
International Director
Knusi, Kumasi, Ghana
Salman Masoumi
International Director
Tehran, Iran
Reinhardt Boonke
National and International Director
U.S.A., Germany and Africa
Dr. Ayo Maat
1st Assistant Vice President
Chicago Headquarters
Nelly, Eminem and Bone Thugs N Harmony
(Representing Thug World)
National and International Directors
U.S.A. and Worldwide
Booker Vaughn
Volunteer Director
Yvette Ruiz and Wilfredo Carrion
National and International Directors
Chicago, IL U.S.A and Puerto Rico
Renzelee Standberry, Jr.
Executive Vice President and Director
Michigan City, Indiana
State Penitentiary, U.S.A.
Margaret McKinney
Volunteer Director
Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.
Joanne Gaines
Volunteer Director
Indianapolis, IN U.S.A.
Jean Mason
Volunteer Director
Chicago, IL U.S.A.
LaShawn Standberry
(Deceased Editor of Prabathenum Newspaper,
New York (Harlem) n/k/a India Bulletin)
Chicago, IL U.S.A.
Caucasians United For Reparations and Emancipation
National and International Directors
Frederick I. Monu
Executive Vice President
Benin, Nigeria
Bishop Linda Felix
National & International Director
Chicago, IL
Headquarters USA
Mohammed Issah
International Director
Accra, Central Ghana
Adewale Abiodun
Kwara State, Nigeria
International Director
Mr. Leon Loving
CAN-TV Producer
"My Guest Ain't Guessing"
National and International
Director of Events
Mr. Richard Sempala
President of Africa Life Youth Foundation, and
International Director of International Prolife Federation
Kampala Uganda, East Africa
Mr. Festo Muasa
International Director
Nairobi, Kenya Chapter
William "Dock" Walls
1st Vice President
National and International Director
Chicago, IL
Headquarters USA
William "Dock" Walls, President
Ernestine Gwendolyn Standberry, Vice President
Abel Peterson Kabaale
International Director
Johannesburg, South Africa
Deborah Evans
International Director
St. Louis, Missouri
Carol Dunbar
National & International Director
Social Network Entertainment
Queen Diva Productions
Pastor Dwayne Overstreet
Rejected Stone Church and Peacemaker's Alliance Group
Volunteer National Director
Chicago, Illinois
Charles Quist
Director of International Prolife Federation Chapter
Accra, Ghana
Olushola Temitope
Secretary-General to President
International Prolife Federation
Nigeria Chapter
Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
Barbara Giles Tillman
Author of "Caliber of A Woman"
Executive-Administrator for International Prolife Federation
Chicago, IL Headquarters USA
Apostle Carmelita Lynette Green
Volunteer & International Director
Chicago, Illinois 69653 USA
Apostle Ernestine Brown
Director of International Prolife Federation
aka IPF Productions
Media & Radio Connections
Chicago, IL USA
Gerald Thompson & Barbara Lynne Thompson
National & International Directors

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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