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Gospel Outreach Counseling Institute - GOCA

P.O. Box 296 Limbe, Mile 4, Limbe
South West

Phone # - +237679258005

Cell # - +237678179559

FAX # - 00237

email - gospeloutreachafrica@yahoo.com

Our vision is to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the Nations, tribes and tongues. We intend to simplify the gospel teachings in a language (vernacular of the local inhabitants) that the people can understand. They will also be trained with leadership skills to impact others and manifest the Glory of God. They will also be able to achieve God's plan and purpose of their lives. GOCA also gives a platform of socio-economic development.

Our mission is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the uneducated and less privilege in villages, slums, remote areas, creeks. We also have God fearing health personnel who can be useful in the area of HIV AIDS education and sensitization of the local masses in the remote area concerning deadly outbreak of diseases.

We also carry counseling and train professional counselors in every domain in the community; we believe this will help to avert the confusion, conflicts, and many other problems the community is suffering because of the nature of our environment now. We also carry leadership training in the local dialect and pidgin so that the leader will in turn train others (discipleship).

Based on the fact that our cultural valve (dialect) is declining, we intend to activate it through conference, seminars, workshops and other events to bring out the talents and skills of our people (youth, men, women...) and to promote "language diversity. We work closely with our partners (ministry of finance, ministry of culture, SIL Cameroon.

We have the following related projects.

  1. Communication health issues in the local dialect and Pidgin English in villages.
  2. Our team shall have dialect conference, seminars, forum and talent exposure in Limbe City and communities around Limbe including underprivileged and destitute population.
  3. Health education in the area of child health, sanitation, healthy food consumption in expectant mothers and children, family planning education etc.
  4. Sporting programme, agriculture, talent fair and many activities will educate the population and make them to be self employed.

This organization has informed us they are qualified under their local country tax law to receive tax deductible contributions.

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