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WeCareToo invites your non-profit organization to gain or increase your Internet exposure by listing your organization in the WeCareToo online directory. This is a free service to the global non-profit community. To register, fill in this form and use the button at the bottom to email it to us. Or you may print out a copy and mail it to:
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Please register the following organization for a free web page in the WeCareToo online directory. I understand that this registration allows the named organization to have a free Web Page on the WeCareToo web site and by submitting this registration I am authorizing TWT Marketing, Inc. to use the information in this registration to create and publish such a free web page in the WeCareToo online directory on our behalf. The organization will also be eligible to participate in any of the other services offered through the WeCareToo web site but is under no obligation to do so. By registering the organization does not have any other commitment or obligation to WeCareToo or its parent company, TWT Marketing, Inc.

I acknowledge my understanding that TWT Marketing, Inc. neither solicits nor accepts contributions on behalf of the organizations registered and listed in the directory nor does it offer any form of consultation services regarding fund raising activities which may be carried on by the listed organizations.

The free Web Page on the WeCareToo site can be updated on a monthly basis by providing WeCareToo with typed or email copy of the requested changes. WeCareToo will make the changes and notify the organization when they have been posted to the WeCareToo web site.

Note: In completing the following registration form, please do not use ALL CAPS. Doing so could cause a delay in posting your page.

Name of Organization

Street Address

City, State & Zip


Phone Number

Cell Number

Fax Number

Organization's Email Address - Will appear on page

Current Web Page Address if Your Group Has a Web Site

Contact Person - Will not appear on page

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This statement must be completed in order to notify potential contributors about your tax status and will be posted as part of your page on the WeCareToo web site. Leaving the answer blank will result in our posting your 'status' as 'Unknown' and may result in your not receiving potential contributions.

Our organization is a recognized not-for-profit organization entitled to receive tax deductible contributions under the tax laws in effect for the country in which we operate.

Insert no more than 15-20 "Key words" describing your organization (These will be used to tag your page to help in it being found by search engines. Provide words which you would expect web users to use when searching for your site.) This should not be a sentence describing your site, but rather individual key words or short phrases that describe it.

Insert your initial Web Page message below (up to 500 words):

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