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WeCareToo Affiliate Program

Questions & Answers About The WeCareToo Affiliate Program

Welcome to a discussion of the WeCareToo Affiliate Program. This unique program allows you to raise funds for your not-for-profit organization on an ongoing basis.

Who can become an affiliate?

Any US based not-for-profit organization can apply to become an affiliate. We reserve the right to reject an application if, in our sole judgment, an applicant's participation would not be beneficial to the program and its objectives. See the WeCareToo Affiliate Program Agreement for details.

What does it cost to become an affiliate?

Participation as an Affiliate is FREE. There are no fees to join the program and no cost to continue participation once you have joined.

How will my not-for-profit organization benefit?

The WeCareToo web site provides advertising opportunities to businesses. Various ad levels are available. See our Rate Card for details.

Your group will earn a referral fee of 80% of the basic ad cost for an ad placed on the WeCareToo site resulting from a referral from your organization. WeCareToo currently offer 8 ad levels from as little as $30 for a 30 word ad to as much as $720 for a 720 word ad. You will earn a fee on all these ad levels. With your 80% referral fee, your group earns from $24 to as much as $560 on each ad placed by your business supporters.

Once your group makes a referral that results in an ad being placed, your group will continue to receive a referral fee each subsequent year the advertiser renews their ad. These renewal fees will be calculated based on the ad selection made by the advertiser for that year. If our rates increase, your group's fee will increase. If the advertiser upgrades to a higher cost ad, your group's fee will also increase. Likewise, should the advertiser downgrade their ad, your group's fee will decrease. The important thing is that once your group refers an advertiser to us and they place an ad, that referral is yours for as long as the advertiser continues to advertise with WeCareToo.

What is an affiliate required to do?

As an affiliate, you will make WeCareToo advertising opportunities known to your business contacts and seek to have them place an ad with WeCareToo. You can make these opportunities known in whatever acceptable manner you wish. This includes direct contact by you, regular mail, telephone, e-mail or through your web site, if you have one.

Note: We will not tolerate the use of unsolicited e-mail or SPAM as a contact method. We will also not tolerate any other method of contact that violates accepted use of the mails and telephone. Use of any such methods will result in the immediate termination of your affiliate status and the forfeiture of any unpaid referral fees otherwise payable to you.

How will WeCareToo know that our group referred the advertiser to you?

Tracking of referrals is done using a unique identification code that we assign when your group joins the program. As long as this code appears on the ad form submitted by your referral, your group will be entitled to the referral fee.

We are using this tracking method for two important reasons. The first is to avoid relying on so-called "cookies" to track referrals. Not everyone is comfortable in accepting cookies when surfing the web and cookies can either lapse or be removed from the recipient's computer after the passage of time. The second is that once your group refers an advertiser to us, that customer is yours for as long as they continue to advertise with our site and you remain a participant of the program. The unique identification code we assign insures this to be the case and avoids any need to continually track each visitor to our site.

Can our group link to the WeCareToo web-site?

Not only can you link to the WeCareToo site, we will create a dedicated co-branded section for you on our site. You will be able to direct your referrals to that section in order for them to place ads. The section will identify your group and will be coded with your unique identification code to insure you are credited with the ads they place.

The section will be created and maintained by TWT at no cost to you and remain on our site for as long as you are a participating affiliate. To view a sample of this co-branded section, click here.

In addition, various linking options will be made available to you. These include text and banner links. It will be your responsibility to insure that those links work properly. You will be able to place the links on your own web-site or in your e-mails should you choose to do so. The text links can be placed in hard copy printed materials (letters, fliers, etc.) you choose to use in connection with offering advertising opportunities to your business contacts.

Will TWT provide marketing support?

The affiliate program operates as an independent contractor arrangement between you and TWT. From time to time TWT may develop and publish tips and suggestions as to how to effectively obtain advertiser referrals. These may be posted to our site and/or shared with you through an affiliate e-mail newsletter.

Also, you are given the right to print and use any pages from the WeCareToo site in connection with your activities. The only restriction is that such material must include the TWT Marketing, Inc. copyright notice found at the end of each web page and may not be altered or added to in any fashion. Beyond that, you are free to conduct your activities in any manner that you find most effective in obtaining advertiser referrals.

I have another question. How can I get an answer?

If there is anything we have not covered, send us an e-mail info@wecaretoo. Make the subject Affiliate Question. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Before Proceeding, Make Sure To Read The WeCareToo Affiliate Program Agreement.

Ready to become an affiliate? Use this link to complete our online Affiliate Application.

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